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The Miniature Bull Terrier has been around for almost 80 years.  Men and women, alike, grew to love the Bull Terrier and the smaller Bull Terriers, now known as Miniatures, during the later part of the 19th century.  The dog moved away from the fighting rings and into the households and show rings of the well to do.  Early miniatures came in a wide range of sizes with some as small as 4lb (2kg) and others close to a full-sized Bull Terrier.  Because of the variation, the breed didn't attract much attention.  When breeders were able to produce the down sized, smaller dog that was identical to the full-sized Bull Terrier, people began to take notice of the breed and it eventually achieved recognition in North America.


The Miniature is an even tempered dog though courageous and full of fire.  They are not a breed for everyone.  Each one is different.  They need an intelligent, firm, consistent leader.  You must train them from a puppy who is the boss.  Mini bulls love people and need companionship as well as supervision.  As a rule, they are not to be left alone in a house or yard.  If unsupervised they should be crated.  Too much time alone can lead to destruction.

Activity Level

A terrier by all means, the Miniature likes activity but knows how to take it easy.  His small stature makes him a natural for city or urban dwellings and his exercise requirements are easily met.

Height / Weight

Miniature Bull Terriers may be 10 - 14 inches (25-36 cm) in height an weigh approximately 16 - 35 pounds (7-  16 kg)


Like its big brother, the Miniature's coat is short, flat and harsh with a fine gloss.


Miniatures may be pure white or white with markings on the head.  Coloured dogs with the colour predominating with white markings.


The sleek coat is easily maintained by a weekly rubdown with a bristle brush.

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